Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Bear Creek End of Year

Field Day with Sports and Games as well as fun. The Houston Area Field Day was a huge success! It was a fantastic day to play outside with our assortment of games like Water Balloon Volleyball, Gunny Sack Races, Tug of War, Kickball, and the Fireman's Relay. Our volunteer's from the both TXVA staff and Booster Club, did an outstanding job at running, as well as participating in these games. I do believe it was just as entertaining watching them playing as it was for the mto be playing.
The National Coalition for Public School Options donated our scrumptious Hog Dog lunch and boy were they yummy. Not only did we have hot dogs but we also had Snow Cones, Cotton Candy, Face Painting, a Firetruck, and a Police Car. The Firemen and Policeman were completely awesome letting everyone try on their gear and play with THE equipment. I do believe the highlight of the event was the super cool Science experiments that Bryan Lankford, who is a TXVA High School Science Teacher, showed us. Such as the exploding Mentos in Soda, which shot so high it ended up on the ceiling, and the Balloon Animal in Dry Ice experiment. Mr. Lankford inspired imagination and was quite entertaining, plus he showed everyone how EXPLOSIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE Science can be.

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