Monday, September 14, 2009

TXVA Houston Zoo Activity

9 - 11 Meet the Teacher, check out the administrators, browse next year's curriculum. Impression: There are a lot of enthusiastic people that believe in this endeavor. The Mission: To deliver a brick and mortar education in a home school environment, the best of both worlds. The growth of this group of excited people was impressive. They have nearly doubled enrollment and doubled staffing. They are serving three metropolitan areas. (D/FW, H, A/SA)

11-12 Lunch

12 - 6 Animals

Male Lions have a long mane, females do not.

Children's Zoo was Magnus favorite (I think it was the water playground, bring a change of clothes if leaving shortly)

Hippo's have a three chambered stomach and are from Africa

Wild Komodo dragons have 57 aggressive toxic bacteria in their mouth. (Zoo dragons do not have this due to diet.

6-7 train - track has increased to 2 miles, but price has increased from $1 to $2.75 per person. yikes.

7 - 8 home

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