Thursday, September 10, 2009

Magnus for Mayor

Community is when a group of people live together. A Mayor is the leader of the community. A community needs a Holiday.

to pick a holiday, we decide that it would be during school so that the kids can get out. so fall, winter, or spring are left. then we decide what months have more holidays and what months have less:
Spring has Easter and spring break
fall has Labor day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas
winter has New year, President's day and Valentines

May 1st will be the Holiday Called:
Children's Day off From School

Everyone will have 24 hours, all day to stay inside all day.
1) Play Video Games
2) Play on Computers and Electronics
3) watch unlimited T.V.

the symbol of Children's Day off From School

Good Communities need the following:

Two Good Laws:
Reduce Noise Pollution:
-they cause noise pollution
-they cause smoke pollution
2 warnings
1st offense ->jail - 2 years
2nd offense->jail for 2 more years

Reduce Eye Pollution:
ABOLISH ALL YARD SIGNS (Except for lost/found pets and yard sale and house for sale)
-they are eye pollution
-they can cause pollution
1 warnings
1st offense ->$5 per offense
(I know it is a little cheap, at least it is worth cash (generate revenue)

Money goes toward buy more sidewalks and bike lanes.

A good citizen is kind but not too kind
a good community is safe but not too safe

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