Tuesday, September 29, 2009


this was such a cool experience:
we cracked open the science book and talked about environment, habitat, community, population and ecosystem as it relates to Magnus bedroom (habitat) environment (community) and ecosystem (town) which totally related to our social studies unit. we talked about how populations of different species. If we know that there are 40,000 population of humans in our town, and on average in our neighborhood there are four people in each house, there would be about 10,000 houses, and 1/2 of those have pets and 1/2 of those are dogs and 1/2 are cats, then there must be about 5000 pets with 2500 dogs and 2500 cats. In Science (where we started we moved on to forests and if we know that we have deciduous and coniferous trees and in the book each of those require about 80 cm of rain a year and average 20'C that we can assume that our environment gets 80 cm of rain a year, which seems like a lot until you divide that by 365 days (switching back to math) which is about a 1/4 of a cm a day, and that is not much especially if 1/2 of that or 1/8 cm evaporates back into the clouds and only 1/8 cm gets down to the roots. (back to science). our EXPERIMENT for the day was to grow some yogurt and harvest our Kefir from yesterday.

Yogurt: We set aside 2 Tablespoons of yogurt into a new quart jar, measured out exactly 2 cups of milk, poured it in, covered it with a coffee filter, and rubber band and set it aside by the bread machine to 'grow' healthy bugs for our lower intestine. We took the rest of what we had from yesterday, and put it in the blender, added orange juice, frozen peaches, and a banana and a table spoon of strawberry jam from costco, and puree'd it up. Magnus declared that it was not only happy bugs and good for you but REALLY tasty bugs too. We talked about how those happy bugs were helping his body keep the poop fluffy so that it was not so hard to get it out tomorrow. Definitely a great way for Health class to eat the Science Experiment. They can sit out all day on the counter and then they will go to sleep in the fridge tonight.

Kefir: We drained the kefir and smoothed the curds through the strainer and recovered the grains and set them free in a new batch of milk. They can sit out all day on the counter and then they will go to sleep in the fridge tonight. They will get a new milk tonight, and the old habitat will go in the fridge for tomorrow.

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