Sunday, December 27, 2009

What I expect at the VilVite

Tomorrow: Visit the VilVite

The spinner might make me dizzy for awhile .

I might be blown away by the fan!

I want too see the wave pool.

weather:I don't now what makes weather.

ocean:the ocean is an ecosystem that has salt water, fish, and corals. Fish eat grass,kelp, and seaweed.

energy:energy is from the sun, water, and wind.

Then I want to go home.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Painstakingly Slow Progress


A (95) - [>39%]
B (85) - [37-38%]
C (75) - [35-36%]
D (65) - [33-34%]
F (60) - [<32%]

Dec 25 - 39%

Math: ..................... 37% B
Spelling: ................ 40% A
Literature: ........... 38% B
Language Skills: ... 36% C
Social Studies: ...... 39% A
Texas Science: ..... 39% A
Art: ....................... 35% C
Music: .................. 35% C
P.E.: ...................... 44% A
Health: ................. 45% A

Strategies for Testing: 20%

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Visiting the Hemiboreal

We climbed through a lot of snow to the top of the summit. the Hemi-boreal has very few trees, mostly bushes and grasses. the bushes have dark blue berries on them. [Hemi]Boreal means halfway between the temperate and subarctic zones. This area along the Norwegian coast where precipitation is high and winters are fairly mild, the soil is very thin.
Who is the photographer when the photographer is in the picture? Erik. Good Job Erik.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How Much time to Homeschool?

Week of 8/24 Week of 8/31 Week of 9/7 Week of 9/14 Week of 9/21 Week of 9/28 Week of 10/5 Week of 10/12 Week of 10/19 Week of 10/26 Week of 11/2 Week of 11/9 Week of 11/16 *DC* Week of 11/23 Week of 11/30 Week of 12/7 Week of 12/14 *DC* Week of 12/21 Total To Date End of Nine Week Goal
TOTAL HOURS 31 30 19 24 24 31 23 26 33 29 24 25 28 0 22 24 34 26 453 546
TOTAL DAYS 5 5 4 5 5 5 5 6 5 6 5 5 6 0 5 4 5 4 85 91

I am not stinking kidding you. you have to set aside 30 hours a week LITERALLY to do this.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Better than Christmas, woke up to find the whole land covered in snow drifts. I got so wet and had so much fun.  We made a snowman and a snow fort. in the snowfort we had had candles. we play all night long in the dark. (It got dark at 4 pm, Magnus played until 7pm - it FELT like all night long.)

I could just play here all the time, the snow is great fun. I do not want to ever go inside.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Reading Exam

Test Submitted
TAKS Reading Benchmark 2
Reporting Category # Correct # Tested Score Grade
Objective 1: Basic Understanding 13 13 100% Commended Performance
Objective 2: Applying Knowledge of Literary Elements 6 6 100% Commended Performance
Objective 3: Using Strategies to Analyze 1 5 20% Did Not Meet Standard
Objective 4: Applying Critical-Thinking Skills 5 6 83.3% Commended Performance
Total 25 30 83.3% Commended Performance
Scaled Score: 2444

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rosenkrantz Tower

We parked at the University of Bergen, and walked through the city's plaza, 2.1 Kilometers to Bergenhus fortress contains buildings dating as far back as the 1240s.  We walked upstairs in the Rosenkrantz Tower.

on the 6th floor, Sir Eric's Bed chamber and his lady wife's chamber, there are tiny little rooms separated by stones with holes that go all the way down to the bottom of the castle that are TOILETS. MIDEVIL portapotties. how kewl is that? we went from the dungeon today all the way to the tippy top and walked round the roof, I am afraid of heights.

We walked back 2.1 kilometers, stopping along the way at an organic bakery for a snack. we ordered a baggette, with cold meats and mountain cheese, fresh squeezed appelsin jus (orange juice) and a shilling (pastry) an hot chocolate (they squirt the chocolate sauce in the bottom of a glass, and the fill the glass up with steamed milk from the cappachino machine. this snack was 180 Kroner or $30, by the time we got two sandwiches, two shillings, two appelsins, and four hot chocolates, the price was 490 Kroner, $81.67 Dollars. for LUNCH! each person got 1/2 a sandwhich and 1/2 a shilling.

Today I can mark down that I walked 5 kilometers and I climbed like 400 stairs up and 400 stairs down in the castle.  There were 7 stories total in the tower. BTW, it was colder today, -11°C and we are supposed to get snow today, but it has to warm up a bit for that to happen.

Not just cold, but OMG Freaking Cold

Bergen, Norway

-4°C | °F
Current: Clear
Wind: E at 8 km/h
Humidity: 69%

We walked a lot today. For 3 hours. It was cold outside.  I had two hoodies and a ski coat on and froze my butt off! We walked through the gingerbread city pepperkakebyen i Bergen.  My mom let me use her little camera to show you what I saw.

After that , we walked down and went to the mall, it is small, but very very tall.  we rode the escalators all the way up to the 5th floor and used the toilets, you have to pay 10NOK ($.60) to use a toilet!

then we walked to a comic book store and bought some new Yu Gi Oh! cards, and they were all different from the ones that I already have.  THEN we went to a bakery and got a subway and a brownie and freeze orange juice for lunch. It got dark at 4 pm. We drove through like 7 tunnels to get back home to the island.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

school work first, then P.E.

I was having fun and it was warm and slippery.

The ecosystem that I am exploring is called a Maritime mild temperate / marine west coast climate (Köppen: Cfb) along the southwestern and part of the southern coast as in Bergen and Kristiansand. Hemiboreal / humid continental (Dfb) in the lowlands in the southeast.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Reading Pro

Magnus did very nicely on his Math assessment yesterday he STILL has issues with word problems of going to the store, knowing how much money he started with, how much money he got as change, and figuring out what he bought with one known, one unknown. that concept is going to be a struggle this week.

I am taking some 'liberty' on his music course and switching to giving him credit for his foreign language, so for each hour that he practices speaking in norwegian with a local native I am assigning credit in the music curriculum, up to 3 lessons a day if he really is applying himself. out of 8 hours yesterday, he only spent about two listening and speaking norwegian.

He completed the How to Train Your Dragon (Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III) by Cressida Cowell (I am sooo amazed.) and on the plane he completed Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Vol. 1 by Shigekatsu Ihara. How stinking cool is that?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Kindle + PDF=Homework on the GO!

Delima.. how to pack light and travel fast? How to save the trees and the planet? HP 7780 has been the work horse in this house for years. Today I was able to scan multiple pages from a text book, into one pdf file, the scanner has a feature that I can customize the first part of the file name, like math_ or social studies_ and auto saves the files with unique numbers to a memory card.

Then I plugged the memory card into the computer, which also has my Kindle plugged into the USB, and I was able to effortlessly transfer the PDF's over to the Kindle. It read the files into the menu as soon as I disconnected it from the USB and displays them perfectly. HOLY COW. this is so stinking kewl.

I went to Amazon and downloaded Henry Huggins for Magnus so that it is already on the Kindle, and we can take the library book back before we rack up any more late fees because we are so slow.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wii Golf & Tennis

personal fitness trainer? way kewl.

we do not buy school clothes in the fall since the boys are in summer shorts until November here
finally broke down last week and got Erik some pants that are not high waters... that kid is in a 14slim boys or a womens -0- in jeans and size 6 boys shoe
Magnus also grew, he is in a 10Slim boys jeans.. and a size 5 boys shoe
both have decided to go with the tagless boxer briefs and the heavy metal band hair.

they are growing so stinking fast.

Wii Baseball

It is too cold to go outside, we can not find enough people to play a good game, so Wii are improvising. Did I mention that they have Wii baseball and Tennis attachments at Dollar Tree for $1 each? How sweet is that? I guess we better pack the Wii sports for our trip as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cub Scouts

Normally a very shy, Magnus is getting much better at getting up in public, he did FANTASTIC during his recognition portion of Cub Scouts and was able to enjoy the Cub Master's "Unique" sense of humor.

We are mastering the socialization challenges that was actually what fostered the anxiety that motivated us to find an alternative to brick and mortar school.

During a recent discussion, we talked about 'why' we home school, Magnus and I did. He would get nauseous when he got on the bus because of all the noise. He would get nauseous when the kids in the classroom tormented him with nick names like 'fart boy' and were mean and hurt his feelings.

He would rather just play all day, but he knows that he has to learn something. Some days it is just easier to learn after having a good night sleep, other days, getting out of bed is so hard when you are just so tired after having lots of bad dreams and you get a headache.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TXVA Gingerbread Activity 2009

Yes it was Snowing, good thing there was Ice Skating inside.

Pond Ecosystem

Bottle Cap Turtle

Turn a bottle cap into a tiny turtle!

  • 1 plastic bottle cap (from milk or juice jug)
  • 2 cotton-tip swabs
  • 1 piece of green construction paper
  • 1 ice cream stick
  • 2 peppercorns or beads
  • Glue
  • Green paint
  • Paintbrush

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mosaic Picture

Art Club

Painstakingly careful placement of each piece of broken glass. Instead of following the pattern of a 'tree', Magnus went 'free form' and created a very nice Fireplace with lots of interesting details.

Mom resisted adding her own ideas by purchasing her own kit and sticking to that. I was completely dismayed when I saw a mom not just supervising her children in this activity, but flat out doing for all three, their activity for them. This was for fun, not even for a 'grade' and yet... Seriously, she was doing their project for them.

Now I am the first one to fuss and want my kids projects to be 'perfect' but I have since learned to just get my own kit and be a perfect as I want on THAT and let the kids explore on their own.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alright, Enough Goofing off

so this week is the 'big week', we have to get all of our lessons knocked out, we have to create packets to take with us rather than the WHOLE books. We have to get some study island time.

we are going to tackle Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary which could go over big or not so much. We have had it checked out from the library so long that the overdue bill is probably more than the price of the book on Kindle.

Our first novel was Sarah Plain and Tall (Lexile: 560L - Guilded Reading: R), our second was Stone Fox (Lexile: 550L- Guided Reading: P) and this will be a little leap, Henry Huggins (Lexile 670 - Guided Reading: O). I have discovered that 550/P was too easy and 670/O is possibly too hard, but we shall see, it LOOK easy enough IMO.

I am still a little overwhelmed at the pile of books that I have to condense down to fit on the plane. Currently it is 9 inches tall.

As for free reading, it looks like the recommendations are:

Inkheart (Ink Trilogy, Book # 1) by Cornelia Funke


Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

were recommended because he loved all the Wimpy Kid books. Since he loved the Bokugan books; he might like: Stormy, Misty's Foal by Marguerite Henry or Afternoon on the Amazon (Magic Tree House, Book # 6)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fun Norwegian Tale Books

[1]How to Train your Dragon by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III translated from Old Norse by Cressinda Cowell Lexile: 990L and it has been reported by Magnus to be very easy to read, he was able to get through 37 pages last night on his own.

[2]How To Be A Pirate Author: Cowell, Cressida990L
How To Speak Dragonese By Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
[3] How To Speak Dragonese Author: Cowell, Cressida 980L are next.
We do not have How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse Author: Cowell, Cressida 1040L yet.
We do have [5] How to Twist a Dragon's Tale and now we see that there is a couple more out.
[6]How to Ride a Dragon's Storm and A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Continuing On

We are finding our flow. The last two weeks have been interesting, we have home schooled on days that we were not and not on days that we were scheduled to. Some days we were able to blast though a significant amount of work and make tremendous progress and other days were just a wash, we got up, went ate, we went to sleep, we may not have learned anything significant but we didn't have to bury any bodies in the back yard.

It is getting easier the more compliant he is that this is a done deal and he will have to follow through eventually. When I mentioned last week that this was harder than we thought, he replied back, it is but I wouldn't want to go back to public school, no matter how much easier it was. Which suggested that he knew he was breezing through and not necessarily being held accountable. I think that we both realize now that my teaching style is different than others. I do cover every single assessment, but I do not belabor the lesson if he already grasps the fundamental knowledge necessary to pass the assessment. So we start with the assessment review online, take the assessment and if he stumbles, we back up and take the lesson apart and dissect it. Frequently, I take that opportunity to use it as a research tool, if he doesn't know the answer, I act like I do not know the answer and demonstrate how to research it in real world time. I break out the Google, I find the key words, and generally we can find a YouTube about it that makes it a multimedia experience and in 3 – 5 minutes we have our information. 

We had an adventure on Friday, we drove to the brick and mortar 'school'. First off, that had to qualify for a Cub Scout Merit badge: type in the address; 104 Industrial Boulevard, Sugar Land, TX 77478
TOLL: $1 to get on, $1.50 x 4 and $1 to get off = $8 (Math)
Gas Tank was empty: GPS to find gas station, finally discovered to ask for DIRECTIONS to SHELL and viola, one 3 miles away. (DROID Navigation Lessons)
One tank is 12 gallons, one gallon costs $2.69, how much will it cost to get home? $33

I am finding other families and visiting (Socialization). Granted every time we connect with a family, we give out our email address and then never hear from them, so we wonder if it is the antiperspirant, deodorant, or what? Could be just that they are as overwhelmed as we are but are sensible enough not to try to chat with other people and instead save that valuable time for frivolous things like regular bath's and obtaining fresh food in-between lessons and assessments.
It would appear that the less expensive a car (Ford and Chevy) the more reasonable the drivers drove in blinding snow flurries, the more expensive a car (BMW and Mercedes) the more like an idiot the drivers drove. There was a tremendous correlation with that one. I was driving 10 MPH under the speed limit in a Honda and so were the Toyota's, we were a little bit crazy. The freaking Beamer's were going 80 or 10 MPH over the limit.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family Game Night

With all the electronic games in the house, I was pleasantly suprized that the boys asked for old school board games to play with. Fortunately, we aquired a bunch about 8 years ago and they are still like new.

It is good to have a sibling to play with.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Early American History

Early American History for Magnus... going back to my roots.
Schoolhouse Rock

No More Kings (Mayflower - 1620)

Fireworks (Declaration of Independence 1776)

Shot Heard Round the World (Paul Revere 1775)

The Preamble (Constitution - 1787)

Great American Melting Pot (Immigration 1790)

Elbow Room (Louisiana Purchase - 1803)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cub Scout Art Belt Loop

We have earned so many belt loops and pins. Scouting is a major part of our lifestyle. I can not imagine what we will do when the boys are too old for scouting.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Study Island Progress

Obj 1: 8 blue ribbons
Obj 2: 2 blue ribbons
Obj 3: 2 blue ribbons
Obj 4: 4 blue ribbons
Total: 16 Blue Ribbons

Sessions: 27 for the year
Time Spent: 5:07:25
Correct / Total: 148 / 183
% Correct: 80.9%
Grade: (M) Met Standard

READING Grade Level Material
Sessions: 14 for the month
Time Spent: 2:52:29
Correct / Total: 65 / 84
% Correct: 77.4%
Grade: (M) Met Standard


Texas Education Agency - TAKS™ Information Booklets

Obj 1-6: 11 blue ribbons
Obj 2: 3 blue ribbons
Obj 3: 2 blue ribbons
Obj 4: 1 blue ribbons
Obj 5: 2 blue ribbons
Total: 19 Blue Ribbons

MATH Grade Level Material
Sessions: 49 for the year
Time Spent: 7:12:10
Correct / Total: 270 / 322
% Correct: 83.9%
Grade: (M) Met Standard

MATH Grade Level Material
Sessions: 20 for the month
Time Spent: 2:10:41
Correct / Total: 98 / 125
% Correct: 78.4%
Grade: (M) Met Standard

Sunday, November 22, 2009


This website offers free information for kids ages 6-11 featuring animated super-heroes who teach fiscal responsibility through their adventures.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Science is Fun!

Explore global imagery of the planets and satellites from a variety of missions in an easy to use web interface. Customize and download your own image maps of the Moon, Mars, Venus, and other planets and moons.

Friday, November 20, 2009

End of 13 weeks

I would give the experience a 8 out of 10

The curriculum is outstanding, the amount of work there is reassuring, you will never run out of things to do or be bored. it is a College Prep in a box.

We enrolled well before the first day of school, if the introduction could have occurred before that, it would have been better. Also a LOT of stress would have been relieved if the demonstration would have clearly stated that someone, teacher, computer program, would have done the planning for me, so that I was not overwhelmed with one 1 inch and two 4 inch thick match books and no idea how we were going to get through them, just a little sticker that said: your 'teacher' will create a lesson plan, I would have had a less stress approach. a stick on the box of books, a 8x11 sheet in the box, somewhere that tells me as new parent, I AM going to have HELP would have been well received.

Where I am feeling the most displeased is the pace is very difficult, we are exhausted on a daily basis trying to keep up with just the bare bare minimum of each assessment, we very very rarely have time to try anything outside of the assessments. It takes 6 hours a day just to work through the assessments. We had to completely omit activities and just teach to the test, which was one of the main reason we left public school in order to struggle to keep up. when there is 3% a week goal and a intelligent but struggling student, we are not able to master every objective and enjoy learning at the same time. We are completing the objectives, be we sure are not having any fun doing it.

The staff are supportive, however, any time I express that I am overwhelmed, that my child is struggling, that this is much harder than I expected, the response is always one of care, concern and 'let me know if I can help', but that is it. no suggestions, no ideas, tricks, nothing. a referral to the message board with all the other parents muddling through this process. I went I read, I didn't feel encouraged.

Months ago, I expressed that my child was reading delayed, and asked for a process to start for testing, here it is the middle of November and there has been no follow up on that. I provided the documentation from the school of his reading delays and test results, he completed the three day reading evaluation in study island and it confirmed the delay, but still nothing has been done, no additional services, no additional recommendations, no change in his curriculum. I feel like I am all alone without any resources other than what I can come up with all by myself alone. I could have done that with a library card instead of the stress of attendance and assessments of K12.

I have had all my illusions of making learning fun and exciting completely destroyed. All I can say is that we struggle through each day, hoping to get through one more lesson. I used to feel that I was an intelligent person, I went to college and got three degrees, including a Bachelor of Science and yet, it is so utterly painful to get through the assessments. I am disillusioned that just to get from point A to point B, I am strictly teaching to the test and there is no time or energy for exploration and development. I am forcing my child to push and he ends up crying and in tears 4 out of 5 days a week. He is miserable and I feel like a failure for putting him through this. No matter how little he was learning at school, he was coming home in a pleasant mood and he didn't pretend to be exhausted and asleep to keep from having to do one more lesson.

After crying and cajoling, fighting and fussing, the grades / assessments are as follows:

Friday Goal: 34% - A<- completely unachievable.

our goal:
A (95) - 31% Core Lessons Complete
B (85) - 29-30% Core Lessons Complete
C (75) - 27-28% Core Lessons Complete
D (65) - 25-26% Core Lessons Complete
F (60) - Less than 24% Core Lessons Complete

Today achievement:
Math: 27% - C
Spelling: 31% - A
Literature: 26% - D
Language Skills: 27% - C
Social Studies: 29% - B
Texas Science: 34% - A
Art: 22% - F
Music: 21% - F
P.E.: 31% - A
Health: 25% - D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

B.R.A.T. Diet:

Low grade fever (97.4'F), lots of vomiting, but he rallied around 3pm, and so we covered three Language Arts lessons before he had to take another nap. Public schooling may be one foot in front of the other, Homeschooling is inch by inch.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spelling can be FUN!

Test MeTeach MePlay A Game

what if I get them all correct? well then you will be a brilliant boy!

I love how much Magnus loved using his boring old spelling words in sentence scramble, it was wonderful, I was able to copy and paste his spelling lists in and let him 'play' and yet he was still able to meet the objective and pull ahead in his goals. Now that is something I can get excited about. Keep in moving, keep it interesting, keep it interactive, keep it fun. That is a test that he is happy to take.

Pokemon Portrait

we located a Pokemon Picture from Diamond and Pearl, printed it, taped it under glass, painted over it on the glass, including all the space around the Pokemon, removed the paper from under the glass, and placed the glass back into the frame.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Native American Studies

Anasazi, the ancestors (older relatives) of the Pueblo Indians. Magnus is pretty tired today, did not finish second youtube clip before climbing back in bed.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pioneer Day

Pioneer days: yee haw!

Do you remember way back in the time when kids would do a little blacksmithing, woodworking or cooking instead of playing video games? Yeah, me neither, but this weekend you can try it out at the Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center during Pioneer Days. There will also be folk music and hayrides.

Pioneer Day
Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center
20634 Kenswick Drive, Humble
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Magnus Perfect Day Essay

Christmas is my favorite day because I get free toys and wake up in a warm house. I also like the candy in my big sock. The toys are very good. It smells like the everyday smell. the every day smell is good. And I mean good. No, really good. It can't be better.

Christmas sounds are annoying, I hate Christmas carols. So do not sing them, OK! There is one thing I hate the most about Christmas and that is Erik is there. Erik is everywhere than school. At least I never go too school during Christmas brake not even this year.

The best thing about Christmas is the video games. So I put video games on the top of the list. The thing I do first is open presents. Then I get the stuff out of the big sock like toys and candy. Last I will eat breakfast like bacon, eggnog, and waffles. It's cold outside so I will stay inside and stay warm under a blanket.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Candle Making

Art Club, we missed the club, but we got the homework done.

Science, Math and Matter

Whole Wheat Oat Bread
2 cups of water (480 g)
2 tsp sea salt (15 g)
3 Tbl local honey (55 g)
2 Tbl Canola Oil (10 g)
600 grams of Flour (1.5 cups of wheat and 1.5 cups of oat groats ground with Whisper Mill)
70 grams vital wheat gluten
2 Tbl powdered milk (80 g)
2 tsp yeast

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 12

Random Thoughts....
Friday was Field Day.. a day of Perfect weather, Fantastic Free Range Fun, and some healthy parents letting their kids play and cavort in a healthy manner. I loved it. This is a healthy IMO group of diverse parents with unique and individual reasons for homeschooling in a non secular way. It was a very pleasant afternoon. Thank you to TXVA Boosters.

Wednesday folder.. new rules effective next Monday, no parent are parent like substance may enter the school without texas issued photo id, no parent are parent like substance may eat at the same table with thier ligitemate or illigetimate offspring in teh general population. they must after entering in through security, obtain a VISA from immigration at the front desk, proceed to the cafeteria where they must sit with their inmate and not someone else's inmate, partaking of the food like substance separate from any and all other wildlife. Other wildlife may NOT join immigrants and inmates, and no seeking asylum at the parents table that is sectioned off away from the general population. VISA can be revoked at anytime. this is a directive from the Borg. ( could not make this up if I wanted too, even with the aid of pharmaceutical grade drugs) I seriously need to send a note to the "Free Range Parent", she would die over this.

What is next? Pat down and orifice check for banned books during mother reader? sheez. There are no teachers sitting with the little darlings during lunch, they tend to get a little rowdy, having a mom at each table has a calming response and they tend to not get as carried away. All the locked doors makes me feel like the Berlin wall is up around the school, and now we have Gastapo controling the reading material, and now we have to sit at the TIME OUT TABLE if we want to consume food with our offspring.

As for my inadequecies as a teacher, yes, I have my own feelings of failure, but never are they more glaringly brought to light than every other person reconfirming that I am totally unqualified to do this by telling me that he should be back in school. Yes, those three pesky degrees in science and mathematics are completely worthless when it comes to educating my own child in a 1:1 environment. I couldn't possibly do it properly. WHY? WHY? why does it bother so many people? what is it about our society that just can not handle someone breaking away from the traditional and trying something new. I mentioned to someone else in the education system that I discovered at



Now according to her that must be because one school was better than the other. that one has better personnel than the other. I being the devils advocate, would suggest that maybe one of them teaches to the test, on a DAILY BASIS rather than test on what is taught daily. Erik has brought home TAKS study sheets daily for years, more so this year than last and more last than in 2nd grade, but TRUST ME, the school teaches to the test. Just as sure as my bank account is always nearly as empty as my gas tank.

the general population at the other school is probably children that the traditional school failed to meet their needs and the parents are desperate for education but not willing to loose what little civil liberties that they have left, have you noticed that there are no doors on those toilets in that place? HELLO? so non traditional students tested in a unfamiliar setting are naturally going to exhibit even higher level of test anxiety than traditional students that will be in the same environment that they have been in day in and day out for years. It is biased and IT SUCKS.

So back to my personal choice and progress.

we are at week 12.
Since Magnus has a low motivation, easily gets headaches and needs time to 'rest' we are supposed to be about 32% done with the curriculm, however, as it stands:

Math: 24%
Spelling: 24%
Literature: 26%
Language Skills: 23%
Social Studies: 28%
Texas Science: 32%
Art: 21%
Music: 21%
P.E.: 31%
Health: 25%

However, if we spend a few days during Thanksgiving and keep working, we should be able to get closer to goal. I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be making up some work during Christmas break.

Friday, November 6, 2009

TXVA Field Day

Frisbees, balls, jump ropes at the park.. We are also going to have a potluck lunch. that should be fun. now to pack the lawn chairs and sunscreen.

Field Day Lesson Plans

  1. Dr. Seuss Field Day- "To have students engaged in activities inspired by the Dr. Seuss books."
  2. Field of Fun Day- To provide an end of the year event showcasing many of the different activities taught during our classes as well as some activities just for fun.
  3. Healthful Living Field Day - "This field day allows for the physical education program to work with health professionals in the community to plan an entire day of informative talks and activities, which are designed to promote healthy living in the lives of students. "
  4. Sports and Fitness Festival- To extend the physical education curriculum beyond what can be offered in regular PE classes and to expose students to new sports and activities which lead them to a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Survivor Island Field Day- "The purpose was to provide children with the opportunity to use the teamwork and leadership skills they learned in our cooperative learning unit in a real situation."
  6. Wacky Olympics- "To have students enjoy a fun field day. "
  7. "Where The Wild Things Are" Field Day- This year our Reading Incentive Program is based on the Caldecot Medal winning book, "Where the Wild Things Are". This field day is an effort to collaborate in the school-wide program
Northshore Park, The Woodlands, Texas.

Thursday, November 5, 2009