Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cub Scouts

Normally a very shy, Magnus is getting much better at getting up in public, he did FANTASTIC during his recognition portion of Cub Scouts and was able to enjoy the Cub Master's "Unique" sense of humor.

We are mastering the socialization challenges that was actually what fostered the anxiety that motivated us to find an alternative to brick and mortar school.

During a recent discussion, we talked about 'why' we home school, Magnus and I did. He would get nauseous when he got on the bus because of all the noise. He would get nauseous when the kids in the classroom tormented him with nick names like 'fart boy' and were mean and hurt his feelings.

He would rather just play all day, but he knows that he has to learn something. Some days it is just easier to learn after having a good night sleep, other days, getting out of bed is so hard when you are just so tired after having lots of bad dreams and you get a headache.

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