Monday, December 14, 2009

Reading Pro

Magnus did very nicely on his Math assessment yesterday he STILL has issues with word problems of going to the store, knowing how much money he started with, how much money he got as change, and figuring out what he bought with one known, one unknown. that concept is going to be a struggle this week.

I am taking some 'liberty' on his music course and switching to giving him credit for his foreign language, so for each hour that he practices speaking in norwegian with a local native I am assigning credit in the music curriculum, up to 3 lessons a day if he really is applying himself. out of 8 hours yesterday, he only spent about two listening and speaking norwegian.

He completed the How to Train Your Dragon (Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III) by Cressida Cowell (I am sooo amazed.) and on the plane he completed Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Vol. 1 by Shigekatsu Ihara. How stinking cool is that?

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