Friday, December 4, 2009

Continuing On

We are finding our flow. The last two weeks have been interesting, we have home schooled on days that we were not and not on days that we were scheduled to. Some days we were able to blast though a significant amount of work and make tremendous progress and other days were just a wash, we got up, went ate, we went to sleep, we may not have learned anything significant but we didn't have to bury any bodies in the back yard.

It is getting easier the more compliant he is that this is a done deal and he will have to follow through eventually. When I mentioned last week that this was harder than we thought, he replied back, it is but I wouldn't want to go back to public school, no matter how much easier it was. Which suggested that he knew he was breezing through and not necessarily being held accountable. I think that we both realize now that my teaching style is different than others. I do cover every single assessment, but I do not belabor the lesson if he already grasps the fundamental knowledge necessary to pass the assessment. So we start with the assessment review online, take the assessment and if he stumbles, we back up and take the lesson apart and dissect it. Frequently, I take that opportunity to use it as a research tool, if he doesn't know the answer, I act like I do not know the answer and demonstrate how to research it in real world time. I break out the Google, I find the key words, and generally we can find a YouTube about it that makes it a multimedia experience and in 3 – 5 minutes we have our information. 

We had an adventure on Friday, we drove to the brick and mortar 'school'. First off, that had to qualify for a Cub Scout Merit badge: type in the address; 104 Industrial Boulevard, Sugar Land, TX 77478
TOLL: $1 to get on, $1.50 x 4 and $1 to get off = $8 (Math)
Gas Tank was empty: GPS to find gas station, finally discovered to ask for DIRECTIONS to SHELL and viola, one 3 miles away. (DROID Navigation Lessons)
One tank is 12 gallons, one gallon costs $2.69, how much will it cost to get home? $33

I am finding other families and visiting (Socialization). Granted every time we connect with a family, we give out our email address and then never hear from them, so we wonder if it is the antiperspirant, deodorant, or what? Could be just that they are as overwhelmed as we are but are sensible enough not to try to chat with other people and instead save that valuable time for frivolous things like regular bath's and obtaining fresh food in-between lessons and assessments.
It would appear that the less expensive a car (Ford and Chevy) the more reasonable the drivers drove in blinding snow flurries, the more expensive a car (BMW and Mercedes) the more like an idiot the drivers drove. There was a tremendous correlation with that one. I was driving 10 MPH under the speed limit in a Honda and so were the Toyota's, we were a little bit crazy. The freaking Beamer's were going 80 or 10 MPH over the limit.

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