Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alright, Enough Goofing off

so this week is the 'big week', we have to get all of our lessons knocked out, we have to create packets to take with us rather than the WHOLE books. We have to get some study island time.

we are going to tackle Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary which could go over big or not so much. We have had it checked out from the library so long that the overdue bill is probably more than the price of the book on Kindle.

Our first novel was Sarah Plain and Tall (Lexile: 560L - Guilded Reading: R), our second was Stone Fox (Lexile: 550L- Guided Reading: P) and this will be a little leap, Henry Huggins (Lexile 670 - Guided Reading: O). I have discovered that 550/P was too easy and 670/O is possibly too hard, but we shall see, it LOOK easy enough IMO.

I am still a little overwhelmed at the pile of books that I have to condense down to fit on the plane. Currently it is 9 inches tall.

As for free reading, it looks like the recommendations are:

Inkheart (Ink Trilogy, Book # 1) by Cornelia Funke


Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

were recommended because he loved all the Wimpy Kid books. Since he loved the Bokugan books; he might like: Stormy, Misty's Foal by Marguerite Henry or Afternoon on the Amazon (Magic Tree House, Book # 6)


  1. Sarah Plain and Tall is the first chapter book I remember getting excited about. Inkheart was great, wimpy kid is a lot of fun, I'd also highly recommend the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Indian in the Cupboard and the Castle in the Attic are another couple that are great many of the above if you ever want to borrow. I also now work in the kids department at Barnes and Noble if you ever want to chat about young reader's books. :)

  2. If I were to work in BnN my paycheck would never leave the store. ;)

  3. THANK you for the Percy Jackson Recommendation, He LOVES them, has read all of them in the series in 6 weeks.