Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not just cold, but OMG Freaking Cold

Bergen, Norway

-4°C | °F
Current: Clear
Wind: E at 8 km/h
Humidity: 69%

We walked a lot today. For 3 hours. It was cold outside.  I had two hoodies and a ski coat on and froze my butt off! We walked through the gingerbread city pepperkakebyen i Bergen.  My mom let me use her little camera to show you what I saw.

After that , we walked down and went to the mall, it is small, but very very tall.  we rode the escalators all the way up to the 5th floor and used the toilets, you have to pay 10NOK ($.60) to use a toilet!

then we walked to a comic book store and bought some new Yu Gi Oh! cards, and they were all different from the ones that I already have.  THEN we went to a bakery and got a subway and a brownie and freeze orange juice for lunch. It got dark at 4 pm. We drove through like 7 tunnels to get back home to the island.

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