Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rosenkrantz Tower

We parked at the University of Bergen, and walked through the city's plaza, 2.1 Kilometers to Bergenhus fortress contains buildings dating as far back as the 1240s.  We walked upstairs in the Rosenkrantz Tower.

on the 6th floor, Sir Eric's Bed chamber and his lady wife's chamber, there are tiny little rooms separated by stones with holes that go all the way down to the bottom of the castle that are TOILETS. MIDEVIL portapotties. how kewl is that? we went from the dungeon today all the way to the tippy top and walked round the roof, I am afraid of heights.

We walked back 2.1 kilometers, stopping along the way at an organic bakery for a snack. we ordered a baggette, with cold meats and mountain cheese, fresh squeezed appelsin jus (orange juice) and a shilling (pastry) an hot chocolate (they squirt the chocolate sauce in the bottom of a glass, and the fill the glass up with steamed milk from the cappachino machine. this snack was 180 Kroner or $30, by the time we got two sandwiches, two shillings, two appelsins, and four hot chocolates, the price was 490 Kroner, $81.67 Dollars. for LUNCH! each person got 1/2 a sandwhich and 1/2 a shilling.

Today I can mark down that I walked 5 kilometers and I climbed like 400 stairs up and 400 stairs down in the castle.  There were 7 stories total in the tower. BTW, it was colder today, -11°C and we are supposed to get snow today, but it has to warm up a bit for that to happen.

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