Friday, December 11, 2009

Kindle + PDF=Homework on the GO!

Delima.. how to pack light and travel fast? How to save the trees and the planet? HP 7780 has been the work horse in this house for years. Today I was able to scan multiple pages from a text book, into one pdf file, the scanner has a feature that I can customize the first part of the file name, like math_ or social studies_ and auto saves the files with unique numbers to a memory card.

Then I plugged the memory card into the computer, which also has my Kindle plugged into the USB, and I was able to effortlessly transfer the PDF's over to the Kindle. It read the files into the menu as soon as I disconnected it from the USB and displays them perfectly. HOLY COW. this is so stinking kewl.

I went to Amazon and downloaded Henry Huggins for Magnus so that it is already on the Kindle, and we can take the library book back before we rack up any more late fees because we are so slow.

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