Friday, November 13, 2009

Magnus Perfect Day Essay

Christmas is my favorite day because I get free toys and wake up in a warm house. I also like the candy in my big sock. The toys are very good. It smells like the everyday smell. the every day smell is good. And I mean good. No, really good. It can't be better.

Christmas sounds are annoying, I hate Christmas carols. So do not sing them, OK! There is one thing I hate the most about Christmas and that is Erik is there. Erik is everywhere than school. At least I never go too school during Christmas brake not even this year.

The best thing about Christmas is the video games. So I put video games on the top of the list. The thing I do first is open presents. Then I get the stuff out of the big sock like toys and candy. Last I will eat breakfast like bacon, eggnog, and waffles. It's cold outside so I will stay inside and stay warm under a blanket.

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