Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 12

Random Thoughts....
Friday was Field Day.. a day of Perfect weather, Fantastic Free Range Fun, and some healthy parents letting their kids play and cavort in a healthy manner. I loved it. This is a healthy IMO group of diverse parents with unique and individual reasons for homeschooling in a non secular way. It was a very pleasant afternoon. Thank you to TXVA Boosters.

Wednesday folder.. new rules effective next Monday, no parent are parent like substance may enter the school without texas issued photo id, no parent are parent like substance may eat at the same table with thier ligitemate or illigetimate offspring in teh general population. they must after entering in through security, obtain a VISA from immigration at the front desk, proceed to the cafeteria where they must sit with their inmate and not someone else's inmate, partaking of the food like substance separate from any and all other wildlife. Other wildlife may NOT join immigrants and inmates, and no seeking asylum at the parents table that is sectioned off away from the general population. VISA can be revoked at anytime. this is a directive from the Borg. ( could not make this up if I wanted too, even with the aid of pharmaceutical grade drugs) I seriously need to send a note to the "Free Range Parent", she would die over this.

What is next? Pat down and orifice check for banned books during mother reader? sheez. There are no teachers sitting with the little darlings during lunch, they tend to get a little rowdy, having a mom at each table has a calming response and they tend to not get as carried away. All the locked doors makes me feel like the Berlin wall is up around the school, and now we have Gastapo controling the reading material, and now we have to sit at the TIME OUT TABLE if we want to consume food with our offspring.

As for my inadequecies as a teacher, yes, I have my own feelings of failure, but never are they more glaringly brought to light than every other person reconfirming that I am totally unqualified to do this by telling me that he should be back in school. Yes, those three pesky degrees in science and mathematics are completely worthless when it comes to educating my own child in a 1:1 environment. I couldn't possibly do it properly. WHY? WHY? why does it bother so many people? what is it about our society that just can not handle someone breaking away from the traditional and trying something new. I mentioned to someone else in the education system that I discovered at



Now according to her that must be because one school was better than the other. that one has better personnel than the other. I being the devils advocate, would suggest that maybe one of them teaches to the test, on a DAILY BASIS rather than test on what is taught daily. Erik has brought home TAKS study sheets daily for years, more so this year than last and more last than in 2nd grade, but TRUST ME, the school teaches to the test. Just as sure as my bank account is always nearly as empty as my gas tank.

the general population at the other school is probably children that the traditional school failed to meet their needs and the parents are desperate for education but not willing to loose what little civil liberties that they have left, have you noticed that there are no doors on those toilets in that place? HELLO? so non traditional students tested in a unfamiliar setting are naturally going to exhibit even higher level of test anxiety than traditional students that will be in the same environment that they have been in day in and day out for years. It is biased and IT SUCKS.

So back to my personal choice and progress.

we are at week 12.
Since Magnus has a low motivation, easily gets headaches and needs time to 'rest' we are supposed to be about 32% done with the curriculm, however, as it stands:

Math: 24%
Spelling: 24%
Literature: 26%
Language Skills: 23%
Social Studies: 28%
Texas Science: 32%
Art: 21%
Music: 21%
P.E.: 31%
Health: 25%

However, if we spend a few days during Thanksgiving and keep working, we should be able to get closer to goal. I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be making up some work during Christmas break.

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