Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Purple People Eater

we got a 8 pocket Purple Folder... and it really helps to keep things manageable. I keep at least a weeks worth of study guides for each subject in there. Changing out a new unit as we complete them.

the first pocket has our contract, our daily schedule and our writing prompt for the semester.
the second pocket has our Vocabulary and Grammar-Usage-Mechanics assignments for the week.
the third pocket has our Spelling lessons.
the fourth pocket is filled with our Literature study guides.
the next pocket has our Social Studies test review guides.
followed by the Math pocket with 5 daily lessons
We keep Science and Health in the last two, since they are the easiest subjects and it is harder to finish the first three pockets and easier to work on the last three pockets, it is our reward for doing a good job.

after 'suffering through social studies, vocabulary, and grammar today, Magnus is finally enjoying his Science DVD on Polar Bears. He is finally Happy and feeling the reward.

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