Monday, January 11, 2010

What does your kid do all day?

Dress Code:
His hair is past his shoulders.
His clothing: a clean cotton tshirt supporting the American cotton farmer and endorsing the physical exercise activity of surfing, Robert Pierre Young footless wool long underwear from Norway supporting the soft merino sheep industry.

Read about Norse Mythology in his classics for young readers;
complete a math lesson on measurements and time;
study and complete prep for Texas state reading achievement exams;
Renaissance art and medallions which are the basis for coins today;
Fencing on Wii sports resort.

Time investment in Charter school curriculum to date (18 weeks of school):
Math [60 hours]
Spelling [44 hours]
Literature [64.5 hours]
Language Skills [49 hours]
Social Studies [47.5 hours]
Texas Science [50.25 hours]
Art [34.25 hours]
Music/Foreign Language [18.5 hours]
State Exam Prep [30.5 hours]
P.E. [68 hours]
Health [22 hours]
TOTAL: 499 Hours over 90 days of instruction.
Average: 5.5 hours a day.

Healthy Site for the day: Kewl Bites

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