Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Progress

points of admiration:

Study Island, Magnus mastered every single objective in the TAKS study preparation course for both Math and Reading, one one particularly difficult objective, he failed the first three attempts so badly, that it took 109 questions to bring his average up to passing. bless his heart for keeping at it. it showed perseverance and determination that I found admirable.
he went on to attempt to master two other curriculum courses, Social Studies and TimberToes reading that shows initiative and willingness to go beyond expectation to be a self directed learner.

While today was not pleasant for him, we went to an education day activity with many other children for social interaction and group learning, he was not at all comfortable, but at the park, he was pushing two boys that he is in cub scouts and early elementary education class with and it was a thrill for me to see him interactive playing with two boys his own age. I hope that there is more to come.

Fast forward to this evening, he found Math is Fun and was working on his multiplication facts on his own for himself. we even created a times table sheet on an envelope and he learned how fast he can fill in a worksheet with that and it just might be a really good idea to memorize it.
yep, dancing the happy dance tonight.


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