Monday, April 19, 2010

Health class

we watched Jamie Oliver Food Revolution. scary stuff going on out there in the schools.
Every time I pick up my 1/2 pint, I just cringe at how thin he is. A good gust of wind would just blow him into the next county. I checked the CDC and he is 2 lbs into the healthy list, WHO, reaffirms that he is not going to blow away with the next wind but it still just makes me uneasy. Yes, I am not happy unless I have 38 things to worry about, so this is number 18. He eats to live, not lives to eat, so that is a good thing. He does go down to the kitchen to eat, not mindlessly stuffs his face while he is glued to the TV. He does make some fairly healthy choices, milk and dairy, followed by fruits and then 'some' proteins and 'veggies'. His dad reassures me that whole wheat bread has some protein in it, but I am reluctant to agree.

You have input the following:

Your sex is male
Your height is 56.0 in., or 142.3 cm.
Your weight is 64.0 lb., or 29.1 kg.
Your birthdate is 06/27/2001, so your age is 8 years 10 months.

Your Results

Your height is 94th percentile

That means you are 94th in height compared to 100 kids your age and sex.

Your weight is 60th percentile

That means you are 60th in weight compared to 100 kids your age and sex.

Your Body Mass Index is 14.4, which is the 11th percentile

That means that your BMI is 11th compared to 100 kids your age and sex.

You are neither underweight nor overweight according to health experts*. Your weight is in the healthy range for your height and age.

The healthy weight range for your height and age is 62 to 82 pounds (28 to 37 kilograms). This range corresponds to a BMI between the 5th and 85th percentiles for your age and sex.

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