Sunday, April 10, 2011

OMG - yes

10. it is humanly possible to say "stop" 400 times in a 10 second time frame.

9. you know the exact time you will be exhausted everyday: it is with in 15 seconds of waking up your child

8. At 15 your child will likely have an IQ twice as high as yours and let you know exactly when and how you were wrong everyday.

7. Everyone(store-pool-library) knows your child's name-even if you didn't tell anyone

6. Prepare yourself to Never have the last word in Any conversations -ever

5. Pray that any nervous ticks or habits don't include picking their nose.

4. Be prepared to be presented with more information than any human has the right to know wars, legos, cars, weather..hope your kid only picks one

3. Don't do anything (fart) in public if you don't want everyone wihtin earshot to know who, where and what just happened.

2. You will get lots of unconditonal love

1. Be prepared to go further than you dreamed, work harder than you thought possible, to love, to cry. but at the end of the day wrap your arms around a true gift from God.

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