Friday, July 8, 2011

I want to get started RIGHT NOW

If I knew then what I know now, what would I do differently?

You made the hardest decision in your life, you are going to buck the system, pull your child from public school and homeschool.

You look at your options, weigh in your finances and opt to go with K12.

You pre-register, you follow up with mountain of paperwork, more than when you signed your first House Note, and you wait. You wait for the Registar to get it all input in to the system, and you wait, you check hourly to see if your missing any vital documents, you find 5 new grey hairs and you wait. You worry that you will not 'GET IN" or be "ACCEPTED" and you worry some more. You wonder what your Plan B is if this does not work out and you check your online dashboard again.

FINALLY, your IN, your registered, your approved, and your ready for the enlightenment to begin. and then you have to wait for the curriculum to come, for the OLS to open and you WAIT until you are quite sure if you wait one more minute, you will get a bleeding ulcer.

How about a guide to what to do while you wait.

If your going to build a house, your going to want to nail those board together, get the sheet rock up. WELL a walls / roof a house does not make. It is the same with Online School.

My first step: this is not "HOME SCHOOL", this is SCHOOL AT HOME and there is a difference. With the TXVA program, we follow the state mandates of public school, attendance, quarterly progress, standard testing.

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