Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Typical online Week

3 - 8th grade in a typical week:
for my current students: we checked the OLS, in a week, each child will complete the following:
5 math lessons, 5 literature lessons, 3 vocabulary lessons, 5 grammar / composition lessons, 5 science, 4 geography, 2 art, 2 health, 1 music, 5 pe

He is expected to spend 30 hours working on that. it can take more or less in each lesson, but that is the ballpark, and that is actually a very good estimate.

6 hours a day, WE open up OLS, in each subject / course there will be a pdf 'guide', that is the 'script' that the 'teacher' in a typical classroom would go through, it has the objective of the lesson, it has the reading assignments, it has the written assignments, it can be located as 'materials' in the OLS, but it should be the student / parent guide books.
it is all up to me to get this done, I am guiding him through the course, I am teaching the information that is on the assessment. I am taking attendance, it is school at home with me the primary tutor. the 'benefit' is that the guide is already written for me, the 'teacher' portion was that the guides were written by the teacher, the amount of work portioned out by the teacher, and I am just facilitating that the work is getting done and answering question, and grading the results.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: more of the same

if you choose to do one a day in each subject, you can, if you choose to do a couple of subjects a day, and double up on lessons, you can, if you want to work less hours but more days you can, but in the end, by end of the week, 30 hours and 3% of your course.

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