Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lots of developments

Dear God, really very sorry about that deer. was not expecting her out at 11 pm, hope that she died instantly, that was heart wrenching. Rudy the Truck, sorry about the front bumper, your a real strong truck. As for me, made it safely to Lolo. that was quite the experience worst fog bank I have have seen going through the canyon. 4 hours flat. impressive all things considered.
Dear Karma, for the two drunk drivers drag racing past me going 95 MPH on Highway 12 from Pineywoods Bar and stopping at Lolo Saloon, PLEASE give them a DUI tonight before they kill someone, they are freaking Idiots. 
First off, the roads were really good most of the way. It was earie, there was not a car on the road after Orofino, NOT ONE CAR, until Lumberjack cutt off, I made excellent time until Lowell, Idaho. I will tell you the fog was so bad that I waited until the call boxes to get out to pee, I did not want to have a Swift Truck decide to take up more than his lane. The fog / clouds were like driving through soup, I was on Highway 12, I saw a doe standing in the ditch about Syringa. I was passing Lochsa Lodge when stupid doe #2 ran out in front of me, she was running down towards the river, and I stopped enough that I hit her hind-end with the passenger side of the front bumper, and ran over her hind-end. I have drove about 500,000 miles and had never hit a deer. I get squeamish when I run over field mice. The snow started at Peter King Road, the crazy narrow roads from the snow burms falling into the road started at lasted all the way down to the bottom of Lolo Pass. Does #3-6 were out on the flats across for Elk Meadows. Black Ice started at Beaver Ridge Road Cut off, and that is when my hair started to turn grey, I was all the way past Pineywoods when the idots came flying by, one car and one super duty with a 14 inch lift kit careened past me, and IDIOTS stayed in the passing lane ALL THE WAY to highway 93. and I get to do it again on Friday.

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