Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Greek Time Lines

we are studying Ancient Greece this week. Magnus is cutting out baby pictures for his time line. we have a new kiddo in the house, his nephew, and that is hard, first off, nephew is very aggressive and violent, Magnus is very passive and doesn't fight back. secondly, nephew is pretty smart, but not on 3rd grade level, so I am spending 15% of my time working with him on his alphabet and keeping him occupied while Magnus is working on his assignments. and then there is Erik, he is taking his written TAKS today and there are days that I would think I could educate them both, and there are days that I do not think that I am educating ANYONE.

okay, back to the time line, he observed after it was done, that it was a frieze. how freaking kewl is that?

okay, that just bought him one more week with TXVA. ;-)

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