Sunday, March 28, 2010

Semester 3 DONE

gasp.. cough... choke..

parts were okay, parts were just painful, and parts I gave up fighting.

what we did do is prioritize what is critical:

MATH : Multiplication, Division, Geometry
SPELLING: words, words, words
LITERATURE: Greek, Rome, Tall Tales, ParablesLANGUAGE: Grammar, Use, Mechanics, Research Papers
SCIENCE: Ecosystem Review, Geology, Soil Erosion, Composting, and Food Plants, and water bottle rockets
SOCIAL STUDIES: Communities & Vikings

what we felt was important
P.E. - we got out, we moved
HEALTH - Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, addiction and consequences
ART - we did a lot of decoupage, water color, wood working.
and what we felt was the baine of our existance was
Second Language/ Music and we let that GO..

while we did not make it a priority, we did a significant amount of test preparation, we have 1 more month before the State Exams. We are ready.
we are still evaluating of we want to do this anther year, if we did, we would probably have to be a little more 'hands on' and a little less 'assessment' in order to keep in 'fun'.

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