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Starting the Webelos Program

Cub Scouts Webelos Awards Requirements

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Webelos Activity Pin Requirements - requirements for all activity badges for Cub Scouts Webelos activity help.

Webelos Badge Requirements
Study Guide
Online Webelos Badge Test
  1. Have an adult member of your family read and sign the Parent Guide in the front of the Webelos Scout Book.
  2. Be an active member of your Webelos den for 3 months.
  3. Know and explain the meaning of the Webelos badge.
  4. Point out and explain the three parts of the Webelos Scout uniform. Tell when to wear the uniform and when not to wear it.
  5. Earn the Fitness and Citizen activity badges and one other activity badge from different badge group.
  6. Plan and lead a flag ceremony in your den.
  7. Show that you know and understand the requirements to be a Boy Scout.
  8. Earn the religious emblem of your faith OR do two of six requirements related to your religious beliefs.

Compass Points Emblem Requirements

  1. Earn the Webelos Badge.
  2. Earn four more activity badges for a total of seven to receive the compass points emblem.
  3. Earn one compass point pin for each additional four activity badges.
    • 11 activity badges - first point
    • 15 activity badges - second point
    • 19 activity badges - third point

Arrow of Light Requirements

Online Webelos Arrow of Light Test
  1. Be active in your Webelos den for at least six months since completing the fourth grade (or for at least six months since becoming 10 years old), and earn the Webelos badge.
  2. Show your knowledge of the requirements to become a Boy Scout by doing all of these:
    • Repeat from memory and explain in your own words the Scout Oath or Promise and the 12 points of the Scout Law. Tell how you have practiced them in your everyday life.
    • Give and explain the Scout motto, slogan, sign, salute, and handclasp.
    • Understand the significance of the Scout badge. Know its parts and tell what each stands for.
    • Tell how a Boy Scout uniform is different from a Webelos Scout uniform.
    • Tie the joining knot (square knot)
  3. Earn five more activity badges in addition to the three you already earned for the Webelos badge. The total of eight activity badges must include:
    • Fitness (already earned for the Webelos badge)
    • Citizen
    • Readyman
    • At least one from the Outdoor Group
    • At least one from the Mental Skills Group
    • At least one from the Technology Group
    • Two more of your choice
  4. With your Cub Scout Webelos den, visit at least one Boy Scout troop meeting, and one Boy Scout-oriented outdoor activity.
  5. Participate in a Webelos campfire and day hike.
  6. After you have completed all five of the above requirements, and after a talk with your Webelos den leader, arrange to visit, with your parent or guardian, a meeting of a Boy Scout troop you think you might like to join. Have a conference with the Scoutmaster. Complete and turn in a "Join Boy Scouting" application to the Scoutmaster during the conference.


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

LDS Webelos Program

While this plan is for a pack chartered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, any Webelos Den can use this plan to cover all 20 Webelos Activity Badges in 12 months.

The plan for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints allows 10-year-old Scouts to:
  • Bridge (transfer) into Boy Scouts when they turn 11.
  • Also earn Activity Badges (pins) by working on their own.

See your leader for details.

Sample 12-Month Webelos Calendar
Month Activity Badge
Sep Communicator - Citizen
Oct Showman - Citizen
Nov Craftsman - Scientist
Dec Craftsman - Scientist
Jan Fitness - Readyman
Feb Scholar - Engineer
Mar Athlete - Engineer
Apr Sportsman - Family Member
May Outdoorsman - Handyman
Jun Traveler - Artist
Jul Aquanaut - Geologist
Aug Naturalist - Forester


Webelos Super Achiever Award Requirements

Award Application - Contact Sam Houston Council
  1. Earn all 20 Webelos activity pins BEFORE your Arrow of Light Ceremony.

Religious Emblem Award Requirements

BSA Site Page
Award Application - Contact Bishop
  1. Different requirements for each religion.

World Conservation Award Requirements

  1. Earn the Forester badge.
  2. Earn the Naturalist badge.
  3. Earn the Outdoorsman badge.
  4. Participate in a den or pack conservation project.

Conservation Good Turn Award Requirements

BSA Site Page
  1. Participate in a den or pack conservation project.
  2. Application is #21-386
  3. Award certificate is #21-389

Emergency Preparedness Award Requirements

BSA Site Page
Award Application Form
  1. Earn the Readyman activity badge from the community badge group.
  2. Build a family emergency kit, with an adult family member participating in the project. Use this Kit Checklist and keep it with your kit.
  3. With your parent or guardian's help, complete one of the following that you have not already completed for this award as a Tiger Cub or Wolf or Bear Cub Scout:
    • Take a first aid course conducted by your local American Red Cross chapter.
    • Give a presentation to your Cub Scouts Webelos den on preparing for emergencies.
    • Organize a training program for your Webelos den on stranger awareness, Internet safety, or safety at home.

Physical Fitness Award Requirements

BSA Site Page
Award Application Form
  1. Complete a cardiovascular fitness evaluation/consultation with your personal health care provider. (This can be done as part of the examination required by any council-approved class 3 medical evaluation.)
  2. Using the BSA references listed after the seven major components, give a presentation to a BSA or other community youth group (at least eight youth participants) on cardiovascular fitness, diet, the health benefits of regular aerobic exercise, exercise recommendation for the Scout-age group, and healthy lifestyles.
  3. Review the BSA guidelines for the Athletics and other physical activity or personal fitness-oriented merit badge and explain steps you have taken to follow each of the guidelines for the fitness goals. Explain precautions to be taken for a physical fitness activity in each of the following: woods, fields, facilities, and waterfront.
  4. Explain to your mentor the symptoms of dehydration and hypothermia. Explain the special considerations for preventing dehydration and hypothermia.
  5. Properly outfit for physical activities with proper equipment, clothing, and footwear. Know your own capabilities and limitations. Illustrate how you would prepare for the physical fitness goals included in the award program.
  6. With supervision from your mentor or other qualified persons, set up a fitness goal-oriented plan using the seven major components of fitness.
  7. Demonstrate your ability to improve your strength, posture, endurance, agility, speed, accuracy, and balance with your own goal-oriented fitness plan.

Crime Prevention Award Requirements

Info Page
Award Application Form
  1. Earn the Citizen and Family Member activity badges.
  2. Discuss drugs and crime, gangs and crime, graffiti and crime, and peers and crime.
  3. Participate with your family, Cub Scout Webelos den, pack, or friends in a crime prevention project, either an original project or a project of a neighborhood- or community-based organization.
  4. Purchase at Northern Star council service center.

Historic Trails Award Requirements

BSA Site Page and Application Form
  1. Locate a historic trail or site and study information relating to it.
  2. Hike or camp two days and one night along the trail or in the vicinity of the site.
  3. Cooperate with an adult group such as a historic society to restore and mark all or part of this trail or site. (This may be done during the hike or overnight camp.) Or cooperate with such a group to plan and stage a historic pageant, ceremony, or other public event related to this trail or site - such an event should be large enough to merit coverage by the local press.

U.S.A. Heritage Award Requirements

Info Page
Award Application Form
    When boys and leaders complete the requirements they may purchase a medal and/or patch.
  1. Tell when the Declaration of Independence was signed.
  2. Learn the first verse of the national anthem.
  3. Know the Pledge of Allegiance. Explain what it means.
  4. Learn about the U.S. Flag:
    • What colors does the U.S. flag have?
    • How many stars are on the flag? What do the stars symbolize?
    • How many stripes are on the flag? What colors are they? What do the stripes symbolize?
    • How do you show respect for the flag?
  5. List the 13 original states.
  6. Know the name of the current U.S. President.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • Write a story or poem about one of these topis: Why America is Special to Me, What It Means To Be Free, If I Were President...
    • Draw a picture of a famous person in American history and tell what he/she did.
  8. Render a service that benefits a neighborhood or community.

Leave No Trace Awareness Award Requirements

BSA Guidelines Page
    Requirements for the award are detailed in Leave No Trace Frontcountry Guidelines (BSA No. 13-032) above. When boys and leaders complete the requirements they may purchase a Cub Scout Leave No Trace patch (No. 08797). Both the publication and patch are available through local councils.
  1. Discuss with your leader or parent/guardian the importance of the Leave No Trace frontcountry guidelines.
  2. On three separate outings, practice the frontcountry guidelines of Leave No Trace.
  3. Earn the Outdoorsman activity badge
  4. Participate in a Leave No Trace - related service project.
  5. Promise to practice the Leave No Trace frontcountry guidelines by signing the Cub Scout Leave No Trace Pledge.
  6. Draw a poster to illustrate the Leave No Trace frontcountry guidelines and display it at a pack meeting.

Service to America Award Requirements

Information Page
Application Form
  1. Perform 12 hours of vounteer work for the National Park Service on a project they have specified.

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