Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still Plugging Away

yes, we are on day 199 I think for school

today we are working on Writing in Action! and Language arts.

I found this handy dandy little site and will give it a try. Magnus dreads writing, I am trying to be inovative, yesterday we wrote this:

I am so hungry that I could collapse any second. The best thing I could eat are donuts. The ones I love are jelly donuts, they are the best. 2 - 5 minutes later: I had my donuts and they were good, no, not good, awesome!

that was under great duress that I was making him write, and he was sure that if he ate first, he would write better, but he had to start the paragraph before I fed him. it took 45 minutes to get the first three sentences.

he followed after dinner with the following:

My icee is red.
My red icee is very cold.
My red icee is big.
My icee is delicious.

Yes, that took an hour.

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