Friday, September 24, 2010

Jelly Beans

we found a little resolution today, I do not know how well it will work, but here is our two victories today:

Jelly beans, I sat next to minion #1 as he worked through the study island and scantron series and gave him a skittle each time he carefully answered a question correctly. blasting through and not working them out is not our objective. that was good

he started out extremely frustrated, terribly irritable and in tears because it is taking so long to delute some bad scores in Study Island, the biggest pet peeve that I have, they get 10 wrong, go back and it takes like 100 rights to get to 80% so he is beyond frustrated.

I gave him jelly beans and make reference to ear wax and vomit flavored (harry potter reference and the mood improved significantly)

I am not a candy fan, but today it worked well and we are on task.

the other one is not a candy fan, so we are doing something different

the noise from minion #1 was acerbating minion #2 SPD threshold so he is downstairs alone working at the kitchen table, with a walkie talkie

he is chatting with me while he is working and I am chatting with him, making it a more pleasant day. how much work he is getting done, remains to be seen, but pleasant work is better than angry work IMO.

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