Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The First Star

There was a dark night sky but I could see a laser beam or light in the distance.
I didn’t notice until I looked up and saw it. The light was so bright it was almost blinding.
It was like the world's most big star ex and imploding at the same time and it was very wide. The rest of the rest of the sparkling stars looked like energy was being pulled from them. The light in what looked like a oval shape. The Light cascading down, increasing in width until it gently blanketed of dark green grass the sparkling mountains,and shimmered off the hard rock in the dark cave. The light was almost as if some one made it. And it was only the only immortal ever of course.

Even the grass was shining in the light brightly. It look almost as if someone turn on the world's most giant LED flash light. If you looked into it to long than you would be blind for a wile. When I looked it at were it began my eyes felt like they were going burn right out of my head and skull. The light smelled really really stuffy almost like something was burning really bad no horrible really horrible. I could barley keep my eyes even a little open at all and it was very hard (and when i say hard I mean hard). At first the the light started dim but then it slow got brighter and then it was very bright it was so bight even the seep were shining with Light. It felt like a giant shot a giant plasma laser gun on to the ruff hard cold ground that was freezing. I did ... not think it smelled any better because it did not it smelled horrible. As the light got wider it also got brighter and brighter and brighter until it touched the ground very lightly. It looked almost solid like it frozen solid and I could not see through it and as if I wanted to and doing that would be very very hard. The light went into a cave like thing that leaned against a hill the cave had four open. The light almost looked like it was moving a little bit which could not even be possible. The top of the light was almost like a giant sun in the middle of the night which will never happen of course.
408 word paper

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