Thursday, June 16, 2011

Charismatic about Virtual Schooling

in search of Recipe for Kool-aid.


Charismatic leaders are able to use their personal charm to get things done. This can be an extremely powerful way to lead others. In fact, such strong charismatic influence can be achieved over followers that these leaders can make certain individuals accomplish some pretty extraordinary tasks.

Imagine, making a difference in our kids lives by simply deciding that enough is enough, and taking charge of our kids education ourselves. Deciding what we will or will not teach on a daily basis, making changes immediately as our children need it instead of waiting for a school board meeting, or someone signing a petition and sending it through proper channels in Austin and still not getting the job done.

Charismatic leaders have the ability to sense the gap that exists between what an organization is delivering to its followers, and what the followers need from an organization. This allows the leader to create a vision of a future state that everyone believes will be better than today's environment.

OMG, this is hysterical... what is our vision? what are we going to do? if we can facilitate a little change today, imagine what we can do to shape our school tomorrow? I am rocking this and loving the potential!

The charismatic leader often articulates this vision using metaphors and stories in ways that everyone can understand the vision. The followers see the leader as one that possesses the ability to visualize the future with clarity. The followers are also able to see how they fit into this future state, and believe it will be better than today.

I think they are singing my song and preaching to the choir. heehee, I am writing in metaphors about metaphors. that is too much.

Charismatic leaders achieve their vision through persistence and personal sacrifice. These leaders become role models for their organizations. Since followers share in the vision, they are empowered to make decisions that move the organization more quickly towards the goal.

Final nail in my coffin, dedicating a lot of hours to making not only my children's educational and social experience the best it can be, but when I suggested to my husband that I thought I needed to start organizing the TXVA Sweetheart dance (Prom) he flat out said NO, I was not allowed to volunteer for one more project, that it was already sapping the last of my strength doing what I was doing so far. seriously, I just know if I moved some things around, I could pull off one more activity. It would just be one more committee, two committee meetings a month for the next year, only one hour a week right? RIGHT?

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