Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stressful Registration Process

Some believe that anything short of highly structured private boarding prep school, while others are in the camp of un-schooling and consider anything more than two hours a day causing undue stress on a child and violating it's civil rights.

There are two closer to the center thoughts of public schooling, brick and mortar where rigid procedures and protocol bind the students into a tight mesh of restraint, or virtual school that are flexible alternative solutions to achieve structured and accountable solution.

TXVA is a grassroots approach to the dynamic solution. Because it is built and run by caring humans instead of a polished cold hard corporate omnipresence, it is more humane, more flexible and more susceptible to errors. It is a co-op of humans that truly want to provide the best solution for those that are in line with the thinking that one size does not fit all. That being said, it is not a good fit for those parents that really have little tolerance for errors, mistakes, and percieved hassles. It is run by parents, for parents and the sole purpose is not to torment all parents simultaneously, but to actually get a curiculum out the door that tax payers are entitled too, but can not get by themselves without a charter co-op to facilitate that end.

I truly believe that a tolerant spirit will go a long way to achieving a positive attitude and successful year.

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