Monday, August 13, 2012

Days like These

08:00 AM open blinds no reaction
08:30 AM wake up call no reaction
09:00 AM
made it to the kitchen disassociation
09:15 AM cook requested breakfast breakfast: flour tortilla/ bacon / cheese mildly upset not getting all of bacon cooked
09:30 AM Place school books on table, announce school work
disagreeable facial expression
09:30 AM
eat banana avoid studying
10:00 AM
eat apple avoid studying
10:15 AM open books, place paper / pencil, locate assignment indifference I do not want to
10:30 AM model answering problems 1 & 2 tears masking I do not know how to
10:45 AM model answering problems 3 & 4 anger Mildly verbally abusive, I do not want to
10:50 AM model answering problems 5 resignation I have to, mildly verbally abusive
11:00 AM study buddy stance compliance engaged learning
11:05 AM study buddy stance anger Mildly verbally abusive, I do not want to
11:06 AM study buddy stance engaged learning
11:07 AM alleviate distraction, modify environment interruption Frustration & irritation
11:10 AM study buddy stance Superiority & confrontational Independence: I do not need help
11:11 AM study buddy stance compliance unwilling but working through it
11:12 AM study buddy stance engaged learning
11:15 AM Redirection: “Focus” distraction fiddling
11:18 AM study buddy stance engaged learning
11:20 AM Evaluation: “Bored” Concept Mastered: Skip to next concept distraction fiddling
11:25 AM study buddy stance engaged learning
11:29 AM
verbal violence including maiming of mom start a fight, end the studying, goal achievement
11:30 AM Harsh Chastisement: “Fear” established sincere tears, compliance contrite spirit & fear
11:36 AM study buddy stance diligent learning tears, sniffling, emotionally broken
11:37 AM lecture on choices of defiance bathroom to be sick sadness
11:40 AM regroup, review this list, look for better solution map out daily schedule sad but engaged discussion

6 hours not negotiable, when is negotiable. 8:00 wake realizing that if you want a late morning, you get a late day

8:30 breakfast – specific menu he designed unresolved on that, prefer this for now, re-evaluate later

9:00 Eat, Brush, Bed, Tidy Room

10:00 First Class – 2 hours

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Second Class – 2 hours

2:45 Scooter break

3:30 Third Class – 2 hours
12:00 AM consternation 6:00 Done for day resignation

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