Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fair Warning

I will post this warning now, any issues that you thought you had with the school, that was Kindergarten compared to Virtual School.

You wanted to do this program because it was easier? FORGET ABOUT IT - it is not.

You wanted to do this program because you could do a better job. TRUST ME. you will, but it will be the toughest job you ever took on. you know why? not because you are more qualified. because you are more vested in the outcome.

You will have to honestly PARENT your children. You will SINCERELY have to DISCIPLINE your children in a way that you only read about in a novel. MANY parents have relied on the schools rules and structure to teach discipline.

Well I am here to tell you now that most of the time the parents have ham-stringed the school about that.  They fail to see that STRICT structure and routine and consequences and RULES are vital to a well run company, a well run house, and a well run school.

YOU as a parent have chosen this course.  YOU as a parent will take all the glory and all the blame when the day is finished.  I am not sure what happened to all the parents that read what to expect when you are expecting but apparently they did not read what to expect when you ask the day care to raise your child and the school to parent your kid. 

I have had to learn how to do this along the way, and so will you. You will have to learn about NATURAL CONSEQUENCES of not getting your work done, of STANDING UP TO YOUR TYRANT of a 3rd grader when they intimidate you that if you make them do one more thing that they do not want to do, they will have a thermal nuclear melt down and it will be ALL YOU FAULT.

There will be battles that are not worth fighting, but there will be battles that you better figure out now what you will not yield on KNOW what is NOT NEGOTIABLE and print it out and post it on the wall NOW. Once you have taken that stand, it is much easier to defend it with the kids that will test, push, and pull every button over the next few years.

-Failure is NOT an option
-This is NOT negotiable
-I do not negotiate with TERRORISTS
-I did not leave my career so that you can play
-You will have civilized behavior

When I am done with you, you will be so smart MIT or CALPOLYTECH will be begging me to give a seminar, and when you are working you will pay me back THEN for all the sacrifices that I have made to civilize you.

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