Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chess Club

It's not just for homeschoolers. Anyone can play. Actually, it's an official tournament every Friday 7:00 pm at the McDonalds inside WalMart on FM1960 at Cutten Road. $8 to join US Chess Federation, if he is not already a member, then $5 each week for (three or more) rated games. There are several home-schooled families that come often. You may be able to make some connections.

There are also unrated games or "clubs" at the Barbara Bush Library on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings at the KaBob restaurant in front of Home Depot on 249 north of Louetta (quite new, not sure if they're fully "up and running.")

We also have all-day tournaments on some Saturdays. If you have found my website, you probably found the list:

You might also find useful information here.

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