Thursday, August 27, 2009

Interesting Goals

This home schooling is much harder than advertised, I am getting nauseated daily from the stress. it was supposed to be fun, but it is a daily fight to get him to do more than 2 hours of academics which means that I am not doing it right, learning was supposed to be FUN.

He doesn't want to write, he doesn't want to read. He just wants to get a job, make enough money to get a house, quit the job, and live in the house. heehee "richly rewarding, easy and fun",


"exciting projects and fun learning activities" heehee (demoniacal giggles)

okay, all I asked him to do was write some narrative sentences to benchmark his writing skills, and you would think I was asking for bone marrow.

He is eager each morning for 1:40 minutes and then POOF it is 'work' and he it too tired, we change up our format, change the subject, change the location, and he drags the rest of the day. we are changing out the first two topics of the day so that we at least get a fresh shot at each on a weekly basis. and while I expected some reluctance in his least favorite subjects Language and Grammar, I feel like I am dragging a 1200 lb bull around the farm to eat, drink, and exercise.

We have not even attempted the lofty original goal of penmanship and cursive. Art and music would have been daily offerings, we are scaling back to weekly for now just to maintain sanity. He would not even relax for me to read to him for 1/2 hour, just not getting off on to the start that I planned.

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