Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, Monday.. augh

morning sucked. he has -0- brain cell power, I tried to wake his brain up with food. that didn't work. I tried to wake his brain up by counting to 10 and then counting backwards. I tried to wake his brain up by saying the alphabet forwards and backwards. it was hysterical, he couldn't not day it backwards. we tried doing homework on a clipboard in bed, at the desk, at the kitchen table. finally we took the print outs (writing assignment, spelling worksheets / language assessment / science desert book) and pedaled to the park and worked at the table there.

Before we left, while waiting for the coffee to perk, we did complete the map lesson in social studies. then we explored the neighborhood that explored that same neighborhood and went to the park. While at the park, we did some fill in the blank, he had difficulty dictating sentences while transcribed them for him. We did discover while there that we could packed a lunch, and so we wrote down what we would do tomorrow. After reading from his science book, we pedaled home. We were able to do something academic today, at least before I completely lost my mind wondering why his was not firing on all 4 cylinders (he has a Toyota Prius fuel cell brain).

Once we got home, we sat down before a mirror, and I demonstrated how to do a self portrait. He was not able to complete the his version of a self portrait today. He said he was just exhausted. This is very strange in my opinion since he went to bed at 8 pm, slept until 7:30 am and had breakfast, he should have lots of energy, but he has none. we noticed during the art lesson that he has dark circles under his eyes, which seems unusual since he does get 11 hours of sleep every night, or at least he is in bed that long, frequently he wakes up and comes and sleeps with me after a bad dream.

So that is our day so far. He would rather sleep, I wish he would just get his work done so that he could chill out the rest of the day. Last week we tried let him chill in the morning, then in the afternoon, he still has -0- motivation to do his work. So that is not an option.

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